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Tango Spleen Orquesta
Founded in 2008 in Italy by the Argentinian pianist, singer and composer Mariano Speranza, the Tango Spleen Orquesta is a point of reference in the world of Tango both for the interpretation and arrangement of the classics and for its original compositions. Tango Spleen Orquesta invites the audience to discover how tango is not only a legacy of the past, but a reality more than ever alive today and still evolving.
Thanks to the artistic sensitivity, the high musical education of its members and the brilliant arrangements of the conductor Mariano Speranza, the ensemble has woven renowned and valuable collaborations in the international music and dance scene. Tango Spleen Orquesta performs its live music alongside dance companies and great Argentinian tango personalities.
Heir to the great tradition of instrumental and sung tango, the ensemble chooses the most representative pages and authors and combines them with pieces of Argentine folk music and their own original compositions (such as Milonga Schupi of Mariano Speranza, winner of the Competition "Sounds without Borders" 2010). Thanks to an engaging performance and a versatile repertoire, Tango Spleen Orquesta directly involves its audience and outlines a fresh and modern tango that fascinates dance and music lovers all over the world.

Musicians: MARIANO SPERANZA piano, voice direction, FRANCESCO BRUNO bandoneon, ANDREA MARRAS violin, ELENA LUPPI viola, DANIELE BONACINI double bass
Guests: YALICA JO cello and vocals, SEBASTIANO BERTOLINI guitars and charango, ANNA PALUMBO percussion
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