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Ensemble L'Itinéraire
L'Itinéraire is one of Europe's leading musical creation collectives. Initially it brought together composers and artists around creative music. Over time the ensemble has shared the adventure of several generations of musicians constituting much more than a repertoire: its name is associated with the current of spectral music.
Since its foundation, the Ensemble, thanks to musicians of the highest level, has created hundreds of works among which stand out: Grisey, Lévinas, Murail, Dufourt, Tessier, but also Scelsi, Harvey, Romitelli, to name a few. Spectral is above all a musical attitude that is based on the experience of sound, listening and dare all the limits of sound: relying in particular on certain practices originally extraneous to cultured creation (amplification of instruments, use of electrical instruments, synthesizers...) and then on the revolution of electronic music, "ghostly" musicians will discover an incredible universe. Ideas that are now driving musical creation around the world.
Today, L'Itinéraire still retains the spirit of adventure that preceded its creation. The collective constantly questions the practices of musical creation and its transmission; it highlights what is already a repertoire, in the light of young composers or composers of reference of the nearby aesthetics; and finally it accompanies the concert season with an important theoretical reflection.
On the occasion of its 40th anniversary in 2013, L'Itinéraire wanted to revive the spirit of its origins. The musicians became members of his collective. The Ensemble, proud of its history, looks to the future: today, more than ever, it aims to discover new artistic and sound territories, beyond customs and boundaries.
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