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The Big Vocal Orchestra is the largest vocal ensemble in Italy, a huge choir that surprises for the impressive effect of the amount of voices; it involves the public for the choice of repertoire - with songs of great emotional impact, from pop to gospel, from film soundtracks to famous pieces of musicals - and conquers the public for the scenic effect of the choreography that accompanies the songs. The Big Vocal Orchestra, with its 250 voices, is a power capable of moving the audience not only emotionally: it is a real musical phenomenon of national importance, 100% made in Venice. The only amateur choir included in the bill of a national theater such as the Teatro Goldoni in Venice; this year, for the 5th consecutive year, The Big Vocal Orchestra will be performing three consecutive Christmas replicas on the bill on December 22nd and 23rd 2018. The beating heart of this musical reality is the figure of the director Marco Toso Borella, a versatile artist, from Murano, who expresses his creative talent in many forms, from music, painting and historical research to writing. He is the the Vocak Skyline’s and the Big Vocal Orchestra’s director, singer, choreographer and arranger. Cristina Pustetto is in charge of the artistic direction of the project together with Marco Toso Borella, who directs and organises the shows and all the activities of the Penelope cultural association, which manages the choral formations of the Vocal Skyline and the Big Vocal Orchestra. The musical coordination is by the pianist Giacomo Franzoso.
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